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The Education Side-Hustle and the Absence of Quality Assurance
Tricia Bertram Gallant | April 29, 2019

We are all by now aware of the recent “admissions scandal” in the United States. What you may not have heard, is that Lori Loughlin (one of the indicted) is claiming that she didn’t realize what they were doing was illegal. After all, she was simply pa …

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Academic Honesty Awareness Week at Adelphi University
Brian Stockman | April 22, 2019

Adelphi is modern metropolitan university on Long Island with a mix of colleges and professional schools. We have approximately 5,400 undergraduate students and 2,800 graduate students. Our Committee for Academic Honesty is composed of equal numbers of …

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What to do? Learning from the Ukrainian Academic Integrity Movement
Tricia Bertram Gallant | April 15, 2019

What do do? This is a refrain I heard often during my week in Kyiv, Ukraine. I was there to participate in the final meeting of the American Councils for International Education’s Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project (SAIUP) and Strength …

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An International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating Spotlight: Deree – The American College of Greece

All of us involved in education are rightfully alarmed at the contract cheating industry’s growth. In our educational institutions, we hopefully seek out different opportunities to promote academic integrity to our varied stakeholders – particularly ou …

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Revista de Integridad Académica: The Experience of Creating a Magazine to Encourage a Culture of Academic Integrity
Armando Alemán | April 1, 2019

The 27th Annual International Center for Academic Integrity Conference took place March 8 to 10 in New Orleans.  I, along with my colleague Arturo Becerra, presented on our experience of creating a magazine about academic integrity at Universidad Panam …

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