2020 International Conference

Portland, Oregon March 6-8 (starting noon on March 6 and concluding around lunch on March 8)
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Pre-conference Workshops – SOLD OUT

We are thrilled with the interest in the pre-conference workshops this year.  At this time we are sold out!  Look for more workshops next year!

Come join other members of ICAI for in depth day long workshops.  The workshops will be an additional $125 for the conference and will take place on March 5 (the day before the conference officially begins).  Lunch and snacks will be provided during the workshop.

Policy and Procedure: Developing an Effective AI Policy with Robust Institutional Buy-In

Leaders: Christian Moriarty and Chris Lang

A good academic integrity policy is important, but how do you develop one that is effective, fully includes the rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders, and is accepted in your organization to the point that it is faithfully and enthusiastically employed? This intensive workshop will arm you with a step-by-step guide on how to gather stakeholders together to acknowledge the values of the institution you are in, how to determine current rules and regulations (to identify which you are beholden to and which you aren’t), establishing a writing committee that is a good cross-section of your community, what can to go in the procedure (and what needs to stay out!) with the pros and cons of each, and discussing implementation and marketing strategies.  You’ll also learn about the various options in academic integrity policies such as honor codes, facilitator models, and restorative justice approaches.  And all of the legalese will be translated and explained for better understanding and use for everyone on campus!

Teaching for Integrity: Academic Integrity as a Pedagogical Challenge

Leaders: David Rettinger & Kevin Yee

If we all agree that cheating is bad, what’s good?  “Not cheating” is an insufficient response. In this workshop, we begin from the premise that the opposite of cheating is authentic learning.  In this workshop we will review some of the reasons that students cheat, focusing on those that instructors can influence.  When students feel that they can’t do the work, that the stakes are too high to fail, or that there is no value in a particular class or assignment, they are at risk of misconduct.  We’ll then work in teams to review and revise assignments and syllabus structures to create changes (both small and large) that can positively influence students toward authentic learning.

Target Audience: Instructional faculty, teaching center staff, anyone interested in pedagogy

What to bring: course syllabi, assignments, laptop/tablet

Administering Academic Integrity Systems through a Student Development and Success Lens: A Partnership among Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Student Success Units

Student Affairs administrators are often asked to lead academic integrity initiatives on college and university campuses. Given the focus on student success efforts, the effectiveness of academic integrity initiatives requires an intentional partnership between academic affairs, student affairs, and student success units. This interactive workshop will help student affairs professionals and those seeking to partner with student affairs to position their academic integrity initiatives with the campus’ overall academic student success efforts. The presenter has successful participated in and led transformative academic integrity initiatives on three college campuses. He will share key concepts for administering an impactful academic integrity program which will include: partnering with student success efforts, innovative educational academic integrity programs, using restorative justice to develop educational sanctions, intentional engagement of campus constituents, understanding how academic departments work, marketing your academic integrity program, and how to use data analytics to demonstrate the effectiveness of academic integrity initiatives. Participants will then have an opportunity to divide into teams and develop specific plans and approaches that can be implemented on their campus. This engaging day long workshop will encourage audience participation and prepare participants to bring innovative academic integrity solutions to their campus.

ICAI is Going Digital

ICAI Annual Conference is going digital. If you are attending the conference, please plan to download the Whova app on your mobile device in order to get up-to-date access to the program and schedule. You will also be able to interact with other attendees and access uploaded documents. Emails will be sent to registrants with more information.

Thanks to our 2020 Conference Sponsors

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