Christine Gee

Christine Gee
Christine Gee holds a bachelor's degree in business economics with a mathematics major, a master’s degree in teaching as well as a master’s degree in mathematics education. She has ten years of experience as a faculty member in the Mathematics Department at Western Governors University (WGU), and Christine transitioned to the Academic Authenticity Team three years ago. The team she leads was recognized by Turnitin as the 2017 Global Innovative Award winner, and placed 7th for the 2017 Enterprise Learning Award for Innovation in Assessment Delivery. Christine’s main interests include equal access to education, animal rights, the environment and plant-based initiatives. All views presented are those of the author.

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A Model for Supporting Consistent, Fair and Accurate Reporting of Academic Integrity Violations
Christine Gee | May 21, 2019

At the March 2019 ICAI Conference, the sessions were amazing. An important theme addressed in several sessions was the challenge in faculty consistently reporting academic authenticity violations. What can be done to obtain faculty buy-in to follow cam …

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