Nathalia Franco Perez

Universidad EAFIT |

Nathalia Franco Pérez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, a Master’s degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University (FIU), and a Master’s degree in Ethics and Democracy from Universidad de Valencia, Spain.

Previously, Ms. Franco worked for HBO Latin America Group in Miami and served as Research Assistant at FIU. She also worked as a TV news reporter at a local news station in Medellín for several years.

Ms. Franco joined EAFIT in 2010 as Head of Communications and Culture and then led the University Press for three years. In 2011, she began leading a project on Academic Integrity that in July 2016 led to establishment of the Center for Integrity.

Nathalia is co-author of the chapter “Perspectives on Academic Integrity in Colombia and Latin America,” included in the Handbook of Academic Integrity published by Springer in 2016. She is also the academic editor of the book Dare to Think, a Path toward Integrity and the co-author of the book Designing with Light and Meaning (2018).

Ms. Franco´s areas of study and interest include ethics, moral decisions, critical thinking, construction of solid academic communities, and meaning in education.

Topics covered: Culture of Integrity, Ethics, Latin America, Moral Decisions