What is a Whiteboard Declaration?

A declaration is a positive statement FOR integrity and against contract cheating. It lets everyone know that we want to bring down the contract cheating industry (#defeatthecheat) and engage in learning (#excelwithintegrity).

​To have your campus participate in the Whiteboard Declarations on the International Day of Action, complete the following steps:

Step 1. Buy 4-6 Whiteboards
Step 2. Plan Your Event

Plan a time and book a space for the event on October 16. Book a space that will put your out in an area where students, faculty and staff will be – on a common walkway, in a eating facility, in the library (make sure you get permission!). We suggest planning for a 2 hour window (like 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) at least.

We also suggest that you think about what you want to convey to students at the event. For example, you could just convey “don’t contract cheat!” but you might want to convey services or techniques to help students and faculty limit contract cheating. For example, perhaps you’ll tell students about stress relieving or time management techniques or you’ll tell faculty about ways to design assessments so contract cheating is reduced. Be creative!

Step 3. Print Postcards & Stickers

To educate your community about contract cheating, create web materials, postcards, stickers, and/or other handouts to distribute the day of. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to get this done before the day of action!

Think about distributing other campus-specific integrity, stress management, time management, writing or learning center handouts at the event as well!

Step 4. Advertise the Event

Use social media (e.g., facebook, twitter, instagram) and flyers posted around campus to advertise the event. When you use social media, we ask that you use #defeatthecheat and #excelwithintegrity, although you can add other hashtags as well.

Step 5. Prep Your Whiteboards

On each Whiteboard, write at the top:

Contract cheating is wrong because…
I don’t contract cheat because….

And on the bottom, write:

#defeatthecheat #excelwithintegrity

Step 6. On the Day Of

Pack up the following supplies:

  • iphones or androids to take pictures and tweet or instagram the photos
  • postcards, stickers and other educational materials
  • any integrity related merch that you have
  • whiteboards & markers

And head out to your event space to do the following:

  • Stop people to tell them about contract cheating while giving them a postcard and any other handouts from your institution;
  • Ask them to make a declaration and take their picture!
  • Give them an “I Pledged” sticker to wear
  • Tweet, instagram or facebook the picture with the hashtag(s) so that we can track them online!