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Enhancing Equity in Scholarship through Citation
Ceceilia Parnther | October 29, 2019

Students are mentored to study within an academic canon. We call them the classics, foundational theorists, tradition. But in doing so, what are we missing? The recycling of common themes is natural and expected. As a result, a relatively small set of …

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Academic Dishonesty in the Digital Age- A Rural Perspective
Nathan Hamblin | October 22, 2019

The rural influence is a vibrant, distinct educational environment that is underresearched, with few qualitative studies that provide a voice for the lived experiences of rural general education  high school teachers as they navigate the changing lands …

On Building Houses and Promoting Integrity: Taking Action Against Contract Cheating
Ceceilia Parnther | October 15, 2019

(Adorable and creative, not at all like the picture I actually drew)       “Draw a picture of your house.” I remember hearing those words as a student. I paused before looking up and realizing that the instructor was indeed serious. I gi …

Are You Addressing the Problem?
Courtney Cullen | October 8, 2019

The cheating dilemma. To Faculty, reporting a case of academic dishonesty may seem like an ineffective time sink, but students see this as something to exploit. Some instructors believe that they have created a course where students are unable to cheat …

Spotlight: Donuts & Dialogue
Courtney Cullen | October 1, 2019

As administrators and faculty become further removed from the student body they once belonged to, many find it increasingly difficult to engage in meaningful dialogue with students at their level. Over the last two weeks, the University of Georgia’s Of …

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