Cultivating Integrity Worldwide

The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) was founded to combat cheating, plagiarism, and academic dishonesty in higher education. Its mission has since expanded to include the cultivation of cultures of integrity in academic communities throughout the world. ICAI offers assessment services, resources, and consultations to its member institutions, and facilitates conversations on academic integrity topics each year at its annual conference.

In order to meet the continually evolving needs of our membership in future years, ICAI encourages, supports, and shares research that predicts, describes, and responds to trends and issues relating to academic integrity standards and practices. ICAI membership benefits are extended to faculty, administrators, students, and staff at membership institutions around the globe, and to its individual members, partners, and supporting organizations.


Corporate Endorsements

The International Center for Academic Integrity is a non-profit organization and does not assess, endorse, or otherwise sanction products or services provided by any company or organization. Any claims or implied claims of such are fraudulent

Board of Directors

The International Center for Academic Integrity is currently led by an exemplary board of academic integrity experts and practitioners.

Dr. Camilla Roberts, President (Kansas State University)
Dr. Valerie Denney, Vice President (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
Ms. Amanda McKenzie, Secretary (University of Waterloo)
Dr. James Orr, Treasurer (Virginia Tech)

Board Members
Ms. Ann Domorad (American Councils for International Education)
Mr. Jean Gabriel Guerrero Dib (UDEM)
Dr. Douglas Harrison (UMUC)
Dr. Azalea Hulbert (West Virginia University)
Dr. Jennie Miron (Humber College)
Prof. Christian Moriarty (St. Petersburg College)
Dr. Gonzalo Pizarro (Pontifica Catholic University of Chile)


Past Directors

Sally Cole, Stanford University, 1995-1999
Diane Waryold, Duke University, 1999-2004
Mindy Dalgarn, Duke University, 2004-2005 (Interim)
Timothy Dodd, Duke University, 2005-2007
Stephen Satris, Clemson University, 2007-2008 (Interim)
Teresa Fishman, Clemson University, 2007-2016

Past Executive/Advisory Board Presidents

Donald L. McCabe, Rutgers University, 1992-1993
Gary Pavela, University of Maryland, 1994
Sally Cole, Stanford University, 1995
Wanda Mercer, Tarleton State University, 1996
Mary Olson, Oakton Community College, 1997
Patrick Drinan, University of San Diego, 1998
Jim Lancaster, UNC Greensboro, 1999
Jeanne Wilson, UC Davis, 2000
Bill Kibler, Texas A&M University, 2001
Margaret Hogan, Kings College, 2002

Dennis T. Johnson, Pueblo Community College, 2003
Nina Dulin-Mallory, LaGrange College, 2004
Timothy Dodd, Case Western Reserve University, 2005
Mark Hyatt, The Classical University, 2006
Catherine Meriano, Quinnipiac University, 2007-2009
Tricia Bertram Gallant, UC San Diego, 2009-2011
Karen Clifford, Eastern Virginia Medical School, 2011
Mohamed Abou-Zeid, American University in Cairo, 2012-2014
Tracey Bretag, University of South Australia, 2014 – 2016
Christopher Lang, University of Toronto, 2016-2017