Karen Gardiner

Karen Gardiner
Dr. Karen Hollingsworth Gardiner is a Professor in the English Department at The University of Alabama, where she also serves as Coordinator of Academic Integrity Initiatives for the College of Arts and Sciences. From 2002-2015, she served as a writing program administrator, ultimately directing the First-year Writing program from 2008-2015. In 2017 she was named a Learning in Action Fellow, and she was named an Innovation Scholar in 2018 and an Innovation Mentor in 2019. All views presented are those of the author.

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Using Genealogy to Link Experiential Learning and Academic Integrity
Karen Gardiner | March 25, 2019

In my ICAI 2019 conference presentation, “Improv(ing) Course Design: A Riff on Experiential Learning and Academic Integrity,” I shared the research of James Lang, L. Dee Fink, John Biggs and Catherine Tang, Lion Gardiner, and Tricia Bertram Gallant as …

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