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To e-proctor or not to e-proctor: that is the question.
Academic Integrity | November 10, 2020

  Objectives: To offer participants a broad perspective on the use of e-proctoring software for test and exam administration in order to support a culture of academic integrity in educational institutions. Questions: What is e-proctoring software? …

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Taking Action Against Contract Cheating
Academic Integrity | September 9, 2020

In this webinar learn about: This webinar will highlight the upcoming 5th International Day of Action (DoA) against Contract Cheating, which takes place on 21 October 2020, with details of how individuals and institutions can get involved. The webinar …

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I Have a Billion Problems: Change Isn’t One of Them: Using Project Management Strategies to Create and Enhance Academic Integrity Policies
Academic Integrity | June 9, 2020

In this webinar learn about: This presentation reviews best practices for academic integrity policies and strategies for using project management to facilitate institutional change. Presented by: Dr. James Orr, University of Memphis. Moderated by: Aman …

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Migrando a la educacion en linea con integridad academia
Academic Integrity | April 16, 2020 Webinar – Migrando a la educación en línea con integridad

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Going Remote with Integrity 3.0: Your Academic Integrity Policy Gone Virtual
Academic Integrity | April 7, 2020

Learn about strategies for: – conducting investigations and hearing panels – protecting confidentiality and integrity of process – cultivating a learning centered adjudication process – sanctioning students – supporting due process and institutional po …

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Going Remote With Integrity 2.0: Technological Tips & Techniques
Academic Integrity | April 2, 2020

In this webinar, learn about: The foundations of academic integrity in assignment design Approaches to online assignment and assessment development How fast moves to remote teaching can align to authentic online learning Presented by: Douglas Harrison, …

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