Charting our path forward

Topics: transition

The International Center for Academic Integrity has been in transition for a year now. It ha been a challenging year for the Transition Committee as they worked diligently to find ICAI a new home while managing ICAI operations. Although our 2017 annual conference had to be cancelled, ICAI continued to expand its services to membership in this past year. We sponsored or endorsed 4 regional conferences (Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, SoCal, & South West), organized and ran our first ever International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating (October 18th, 2016), and for the first time ever, co-hosted 4 webinars with Turnitin. During this time, the Transition Committee put out the Call for Expressions of Interest, invited a number of institutions to submit formal applications, considered the applications and engaged in negotiations with the institutional finalist. The Transition Committee members also continued to run our McCabe/ICAI Survey and worked tirelessly on confirming our membership database. The Transition Committee thanks all of our members for their ongoing support and we look forward to being able to soon announce to all of you our new host institution!

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