Going Remote With Integrity 2.0: Technological Tips & Techniques

Going Remote With Integrity 2.0: Technological Tips & Techniques

In this webinar, learn about:

  • The foundations of academic integrity in assignment design
  • Approaches to online assignment and assessment development
  • How fast moves to remote teaching can align to authentic online learning

Presented by:
Douglas Harrison, PhD, Vice President and Dean, School of Cybersecurity and Information Technology, University of Maryland Global Campus

Moderated by:
Tricia Bertram Gallant, PhD, Director, Academic Integrity Office, UC San Diego (HOST)
Camilla Roberts, PhD, Director, Honor and Integrity System, Kansas State University
Jean Guerrero Dib, Director of the Center for Ethics and Integrity, University of Monterrey (UDEM)
Amanda McKenzie, Director, Office of Quality Assurance & Academic Integrity, University of Waterloo


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Using Restorative Justice In Academic Integrity Cases

Speaker: Jessica Kuecker Grotjohn, Assistant Director, Office for Community Standards, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Abstract: This webinar will showcase the Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) program at the University of Minnesota, a restorative justice program for students intended to provide greater understanding of the impact of scholastic dishonesty through a facilitated dialog with University community members. This webinar will address the program inception, stakeholder persuasion, advertisement, volunteer recruitment, administrative management, facilitation, and evaluation.

See the webinar: https://go.turnitin.com/RestorativeJustice

Using Restorative Justice In Academic Integrity Cases (to be broadcasted

Pautas para fomentar la integridad académica en el aula

English translation: Guidelines to promote academic integrity in the classroom

Speaker: Jean Guerrero-Dib – Director del primer Centro de Integridad en Latinoamérica. Lidera los esfuerzos de la UDEM por lograr una cultura de integridad y un campus honesto. Apasionado por el desarrollo integral de la persona y la transformación social.

El webinar ofrecerá recomendaciones concretas que los profesores han de implementar para fomentar la excelencia y la integridad académica en el aula. Las ideas giran en torno a un concepto, el aprendizaje y la integridad son dos caras de una misma moneda. Las sugerencias están basadas en los principios de la integridad académica propuestos por Donald McCabe y Gary Pavela.

See the webinar: https://go.turnitin.com/es/pautas-fomentar-integridad-academica

originally broadcasted January 30, 2018

What is Contract Cheating & What Can we Do About it?

Speaker: Tricia Bertram Gallant, International Center for Academic Integrity, Transition Committee Co-Chair

Contract cheating is the most egregious form of cheating that can happen within educational institutions. When students arrange for other people to complete their academic work for them, they undermine the very purpose of the academic assessment and defraud the public with credentials that are not honest and trustworthy representations of the students’ knowledge and abilities. In this webinar, Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant will overview this phenomenon known as contract cheating, what institutions can do to prevent it from occurring and what faculty must do to detect it.

See the webinar: http://go.turnitin.com/l/45292/2017-09-25/b7vrw2

originally broadcasted October 10, 2017

Plagiarism Detected: A Practical Guide to Judicious Investigation of Suspected Academic Misconduct

Speaker: Christian Moriarty, Assistant Professor, College of Policy, Ethics, & Legal Studies, St. Petersburg College

When a faculty member suspects student plagiarism, it is important to not only determine if plagiarism occurred, but to do so in a fair, ethical and policy compliant manner. This session will present a process to investigate, document the plagiarism, and ultimately discourage plagiarism. From the moment of paper submission, to reporting and following institutional procedures, attendees will learn a combination of traditional and modern methods for responding to plagiarism.

See the webinar: http://turnitin.com/en_us/component/zoo/item/plagiarism-detected

originally broadcasted April 28, 2017

The Role of Faculty in Academic Integrity Initiatives

Speaker: David Rettinger, Associate Professor of Psychological Science; Executive Director of the Center for Honor, Leadership, and Service, University of Mary Washington

It takes a village to nurture academic integrity on college campuses.  A successful integrity initiative will include students, administrators, and faculty, each with critical roles.  This webinar will discuss ways to engage faculty in issues surrounding academic integrity.  Topics include: encouraging academic integrity with pedagogy, crafting academic policies to support integrity, and talking with students about integrity.  This webinar will be geared toward faculty and professional staff who work with them to support academic integrity.

See the webinar: http://turnitin.com/en_us/resources/item/role-of-faculty

originally broadcasted March 29, 2017

Empezar desde cero: Estrategias para construir una comunidad de integridad académica

English translation: Starting from Scratch: Building an Academic Integrity Community

Speaker: Nathalia Franco Pérez from Centro de Integridad, Universidad EAFIT – Medellin, Columbia

Una política de integridad académica requiere, antes que nada, voluntad institucional. Se trata un proceso lento y a largo plazo. Es fundamental co-construir este proyecto con los grupos de interés: docentes, estudiantes, directivos, administrativos, egresados y empleadores. Para lograr impacto, será importante diseñar estrategias que tengan un fundamento filosófico y académico riguroso, así como implementar acciones audaces que poco a poco lleven el tema de la integridad académica al “alma” del campus. Es cuestión de tiempo, de voluntad, de creatividad y de una convicción profunda en el valor de educar en el ser.

See the webinar:  http://go.turnitin.com/es/webinar/construir-comunidad-integridad

originally broadcasted February 27, 2017

Creating an Academic Integrity Community through Campus Partnerships and Educational Initiatives

Speaker: James Orr, Assistant Provost for Academic Strategy and Policy, Virginia Tech University

Creating an academic integrity community requires institutional effort. Campus units must partner in order to ensure effective policy and procedures, convey an educational message, and deliver intentionally designed programs. In this session, Dr. Orr will present strategies and steps for creating such partnerships. Webinar participants will discover new ways to engage faculty, staff, and students in creating communities of integrity.

See the webinar: http://turnitin.com/en_us/resources/item/creating-an-academic-integrity

originally broadcasted February 22, 2017