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Integrity in the Real World

Among the many challenges we face in promoting and building cultures of integrity is the unfortunate perception many students have that what happens at schools and universities is different and disconnected from what happens in “the real world.”


Why do we have to cite sources, they ask, when no one does that “in the real world?” Why do we have to do our work individually, when people collaborate all the time “in the real world?” Anyone familiar with workplaces outside academia knows, of course that there is something to those claims—teamwork is essential in many workplaces and the way that previous author’s work is acknowledged does vary from context to context. It is a fair question to ask, and one that deserves our attention.


So that we may better understand and articulate the connection between academic integrity and integrity issues in other contexts, the theme for this year’s conference in Vancouver is “Integrity in the Real World.” Presenters and delegates will be invited to explore the connections between the work we do with students and ethical issues in the world at large.


Thursday* - Sunday, February 26 - March 1, 2015

* Regional Group Meetings on Thursday, February 26

• Pre-Conference Workshops begin Friday, February 27 at 8:30 AM

• Regular Sessions begin Friday afternoon and run all day Saturday and Sunday morning

• Closing brunch ends around 1 PM Sunday

Location - UPDATE JANUARY 2015!
Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront Hotel
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

$159/night (CAD)

Phone: 1-844-337-3118

As of February 1, 2015, the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel will become the Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront Hotel, part of the Pinnacle International Hotel Family. Only the name and management of the hotel will change; your reservations, hotel pricing, and all other conference logistics will not be affected!

Please be aware of the hotel's name change as you proceed with your conference registration, room reservations, and travel details.

Check-In Table Hours

Thursday, February 26 - Saturday, February 28, 7:00AM - 4:00PM

Banquets (free with registration!)

Welcome Luncheon - Friday, February 27, 12:15PM - 1:45PM

Cocktail Reception - Friday, February 27, 5:30PM

Keynote Banquet - Friday, February 27, 6:30PM

Awards Luncheon - Saturday, February 28, 1:00PM - 2:30PM

Closing Brunch - Sunday, March 1, 11:30AM - 1:00PM


Morning refreshments and coffee breaks will also be served each day!


Reservations at the Pinnacle:


Hotel reservations can be made by following the link below. You will only be able to receive our special discounted rate of $159 (CAD) per night through the link below, or by calling the hotel directly and asking for the ICAI reservation block.


ICAI 2015 Conference Hotel Reservation Link

Overflow reservations at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle:

In the event that conference hotel block is full and you are unable to secure a reservation at the discounted price, the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Hotel (located across the street) has set up a small courtesy overflow block for ICAI at $159 (CAD) per night.

ICAI 2015 Overflow Hotel Reservation Link


Dates & Deadlines

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Conference Registration Fees

• If you belong to a member institution, regardless of whether you are an active representative or student, you qualify for member pricing   by selecting your institution from the drop down menu on the registration page. If your school's membership renewal is overdue, it will not   reflect membership pricing.
• Full payment of conference fees is due by the first day of the conference or a $100 late fee will be assessed. Only payment by
  check will be accepted on-site. NO CASH OR CREDIT CARDS can be accepted on-site!

• A confirmation letter will be emailed to you following your registration and also following receipt of payment.
• Guests are welcome at group meals, additional fees will apply See the Guest Meal Form for details. Requests and payment must be
  received by February 18, 2015.

  Postmarked by 01/16/2015 Postmarked after 01/16/2015



$365.00 $395.00



$525.00 $575.00

Student/Part-Time Lecturer


$150.00 $175.00

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$210.00 $230.00

High School

(any individual - teacher or student)


$175.00 $175.00

Pre-Conference Workshop Registration Fees







Student/Part-Time Lecturer



Student/Part-Time Lecturer





What Should I Wear?
Dress is casual for the ICAI conference. We would like for everyone to share and learn in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

February/March Weather
The average high temperature in Vancouver in late February is 48 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of 36. Check for the forecast prior to departing. If any serious weather threat exists around the time of the event, please call or email ICAI with questions.


Special Needs
If you have any requests or requirements due to disability or dietary restriction, please indicate them on the registration form.

Additional Information
If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or by calling 864-656-1293.

High School Friday Drive-In: Creating School Support for Academic Integrity

ICAI invites all those interested in advancing the cause of academic integrity in high schools to join us for this special, one-day event on Friday, February 27 at the Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront Hotel from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


We encourage teams of students (specifically to include the underclassmen) and adults (teachers, administrators, and parents) to come with the goal of having some time to talk and strategically plan together. This event is an excellent opportunity to develop school support for academic integrity.


      Develop or improve your school's culture of academic integrity
      Share ideas and resources, develop contacts with other high schools!
      Participate in student-led skits about honesty and academic integrity
      Support practitioner day-to-day efforts at your own institutions
      Draft ideas for a strategic plan to bring back to your school








Please click here to visit our High School Friday Drive-In page, and to RSVP!


Regional Consortium Annual Meetings

ICAI Southeast Regional Group's 2015 Annual Meeting - Thursday, February 26, 2015


11:00AM - 11:30AM: Check-In, Introductions, and Networking

11:30AM - 1:00PM: Networking Lunch (free for workshop registrants)

1:15PM - 2:45PM: Confronting the Issues, Part 1

2:45PM - 3:15PM: Coffee Break

3:15PM - 4:45PM: Confronting the Issues, Part 2


ICAI Canadian Consortium 2015 Annual Meeting - Thursday, February 26, 2015


9:00AM: Check-In

9:30AM - 10:30AM: Introduction and Keynote Address

10:40AM - 12:00PM: EAB Reports Presentation and discussion

12:00PM - 1:30PM: Networking Lunch/Activity

1:30PM - 2:30PM: Confronting the Issues at Canadian Institutions

2:30PM - 4:00PM: Breakout roundtable discussions

4:00PM: Closing Remarks


Wine and Cheese Reception to follow! Free to all workshop registrants!

Travel & Transportation

Nearest Airports

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) - 8 miles south of the conference site


Ground Transportation to / from Airport

Auto Rentals
Vancouver International Airport is home to multiple national auto rental services including Enterprise, Hertz, Advantage, Alamo, Dollar, and Thrifty. Follow the above link for reservations.

Airport Shuttles and other Ground Transportation
Vancouver International Airport offers a number of shuttle, sedan, and other transportation services to and from downtown. Click the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page for options listed below the auto rental section.


The Canada Line
The Canada Line is a public transportation light-rail train that will take you directly from the Vancouver International Airport to the Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver, just a few short blocks from the conference site. Train schedules can be viewed online and tickets can be purchased through the link above. The total travel time from the airport to the Waterfront Station is 26 minutes.


NOTE: The Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront Hotel (conference site) DOES NOT offer airport shuttle service.



The Renaisssance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel has offered ICAI Conference guests a discounted rate for valet parking - $18/night. Please mention the ICAI Conference when parking to receive your discounted rate.

Conference Registration



If you experienced an error submitting a credit card payment during a previous attempt to register, but received a registration confirmation email, visit our Payment Resubmit Page.

Call For Proposals


The Call for Proposals is now closed. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful submissions!

Keynote Speakers

Samantha Grant

Filmmaker, Journalist, Educator

Founder/Director, GUSH Productions, LLC


Samantha Grant is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist, and educator. Her approach to storytelling is informed by both her undergraduate degree in American Studies/Literature from Yale University and her Master of Journalism degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Through her San Francisco-based company GUSH Productions, Samantha has created work for clients including CNN, MTV, and Al Jazeera International. When she is not shooting, recording, directing or producing independent documentaries, you can find Sam lecturing at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism, Stanford Universtiy, and the Knight Digital Media Center.


A Fragile Trust: Plasgiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times


A Fragile Trust tells the sensational story of disgraced New York Times journalist Jayson Blair. Described by the film's director Samantha Grant as 'the most infamous serial plagiarist of our time', Blair was at the heart of the scandal which rocked the respected newspaper in 2003. He was discovered to have plagiarised the work of other reporters as well as fabricating details in dozens of published stories. Featuring exclusive interviews with Blair, the documentary explores the themes of power, ethics and accountability in journalism. Samantha will present excerpts from the film and host a question and answer session.


Kory Mathewson & Julian Faid

Senior Company Members

Rapid Fire Theatre, Edmonton, Canada


Kory Mathewson (left) is one of Canada's top improvisors and improv teachers; he was awarded a Canadian Comedy Award along with Rapid Fire Theatre in 2013. He has toured across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom performing in festivals and tournaments and just recently returned from Portland, Oregon where he served as Director in Residence with Curious Comedy Theatre. He is an accomplished performer and business consultant in Canada and the US, having shared his improv work with AMKOR, AltaGas, EPCOR, Agrium and the University of Alberta.



Julian Faid (right) is a senior company member with Rapid Fire and has performed in weekly improv shows for over thirteen years. He has taught all levels of improvisational training through Rapid Fire Theatre's workshop programs and has taught one-off workshops in Calgary, Vancouver, and Wellington, New Zealand. When not on stage, Julian works as the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Students’ Association of MacEwan University and has been working in the marketing and communications profession for over seven years.



Pre-Conference Workshops


Session 1: Friday, February 27 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM


Teaching Ethical Decision-Making Using Team-Based Learning

Tricia Bertram Gallant, UC San Diego

Jim Sibley, University of British Columbia


Teaching ethics is often a response to ethical transgressions, like cheating or plagiarism, not as professional preparation. Teaching students how to make ethical decisions is critical to creating cultures that value integrity and preparing our students to be ethical professionals. In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of teaching ethical decision-making using a powerful teaching methodology known as Team-Based Learning (TBL). Participants will leave the session with the knowledge they need to get started teaching ethical decision-making using TBL at their own institutions. This is a specially scheduled, three-hour long workshop. If you choose to register for this workshop, please note that it will take place during both Sessions 1 and 2, and you will not be able to register for any of the other workshops scheduled for Session 2.



Institutional Approaches to Academic Misconduct: Bridging the Legal and Ethical Approaches to Policy

Christopher Lang, University of Toronto

Giselle Basanta, Ryerson University


What is the difference between the "legal" and the "ethical" approach?  Institutional policies should cover both the ethical and the legal aspect in addressing issues of academic integrity at the institutional level.  The ethical approach sets the values framework and articulates the expectations for students with regard to academic integrity at the institution.  The ethical aspect of policy provides the lens through which these types of institutional policies are implemented with the ultimate goal of the academy in mind:  good global citizenship.  

The main objective of the legal approach is due process and procedural fairness for students suspected of academic misconduct. All policies authorize academic sanctions, penalties and consequences for students, and require a high degree of vigour to ensure robust decision making processes. There will be a discussion of where various policies fall on a spectrum, and in this workshop, we will specifically have you examine your own policies (so please bring them with you), identifying the ethical aspects and the legal aspects, the balance between the two, if any, the gaps, and whether you would recommend any changes if you had the chance to review your policy.”



Session 2: Friday, February 27 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM


Personalizing the Educational Component of your Academic Integrity Program

Breea Clark, University of Oklahoma

Camilla Roberts, Kansas State University


A strong educational component is key to any Honor and Integrity Program.  For several years both Kansas State University and the University of Oklahoma have offered a 1-hour Development and Integrity course as a sanction for academic dishonesty. The University of Oklahoma has recently expanded its educational component by offering a second, 1-hour course specifically tailored toward plagiarism avoidance.  This pre-conference program seeks to share information from both universities and lead an interactive discussion for the purpose of generating ideas to enhance, or create, educational and remedial sanctions for students that will advance the awareness of integrity in the classroom and in the real world.”

Serious Message, Comedic Delivery: Using Humour to Deter Academic Misconduct

Deb Eerkes, University of Alberta

Chris Hackett, University of Alberta


This interactive pre-conference workshop will examine the possibilities of connecting with students using humour (note the Canadian spelling!) to broach the issue of academic integrity. We all believe cheating and plagiarism are serious, but it can be a real challenge to convince students to pay attention when we talk about them. Using humour appropriately can help form the connection we need to raise awareness and get students thinking about serious issues.

Schedule of Events and Conference Program


The 2015 official event program is available! Click the image to open or download the PDF file on your computer!

Award Nominations

The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), the preeminent international organization dedicated to promoting academic integrity through teaching, learning and research, is pleased to solicit nominations for the following awards for 2015:

The Academic Integrity Seminar Student Leadership Award
Read More - This award, to be given to two exemplary students, will include an unrestricted $2,500 award for each winner!


The Donald McCabe Lifetime Achievement Award
Read More / Nominate

The Donald McCabe Student of Merit Award
Read More / Nominate

The Waldvogel Exemplar of Integrity Award
Read More / Nominate

The Richard L. Storinger Extraordinary Student Award
Read More / Nominate

The Campus of Integrity Award
Read More / Nominate


The Awards Nomination period for has concluded. Thank you for your nominations!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your sponsorship will help advance the effort to promote academic integrity and make the event affordable for attendees dedicated to ethical learning, teaching, research, and service. We invite educational affiliates, for-profit educational endeavors, and anyone else interested to contact us regarding sponsorships.

2015 Sponsorship Options

Keynote Dinner


Awards Luncheon


Coffee Break


"Friends of the Center"


Cocktail Hour


As a sponsor you may choose to support us in any of the following ways:

Keynote Banquet - Formal dinner with a featured speaker. Your signage will be prominently featured throughout the banquet room, and you will be acknowledged in all conference programming and personally acknowledged at meals. You will also receive exhibit space to promote your company/products.


Awards Luncheon - Luncheon with a featured speaker. Your signage will be prominently featured throughout the banquet room, and you will be acknowledged in all conference programming and personally acknowledged at meals. You will also receive exhibit space to promote your company/products.


Coffee Break - Participants will appreciate a mid-morning pick-me-up each day. Your signage will be featured in the conference lobby and exhibitor space, and you will be acknowledged in all conference programming and personally acknowledged at meals. You will also receive exhibit space to promote your company/products.


"Friends of the Center" Package - Enable students or faculty (who otherwise would not be able to join us) in your communities to attend the conference. You will also receive exhibit space to promote your company/products.

Cocktail Hour - Informal social hour just prior to the keynote banquet. Participants can enjoy drinks and appetizers to relax after the first day of conference sessions. Your signage will be featured in the reception area, and your representatives can be available for questions and answers. You will be acknowledged in all conference programming and personally thanked at the keynote banquet. You will also receive exhibit space to promote your company/products.


Contact us at or 864-656-1293 to learn more about sponsorship benefits and opportunities for recognition and visibility from our attendees.

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