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The International Center for Academic Integrity works to identify, promote, and affirm the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers, and administrators. This website contains information about the Center and its activities, with a members area hosting resources and information about ICAI projects and a ListServ for exchanging ideas and information. Become a member today and learn how your academic institution can gain access to all of the online resources provided by ICAI!

ICAI's New Executive Board Members

2014 saw the election of five new executive board members...

ICAI Welcomes Five New Executive Board Members

Focus to include strategic plan for ICAI's 25th Anniversary in 2016.
We are pleased to welcome five new members to the executive board, whose experiences range from environmental science, to business, law, and high schools. The new members hail from the United States, Canada, and Dubai. Follow the link to learn more about each person!

The Trusted Seal Program Launches!

Trusted Seal provides official certification for online courses that meet integrity criteria...

ICAI Partners with Software Secure, Inc.

Organizations to collaborate with creation of Trusted Seal program.
ICAI has partnered with an industry leader in secure, computer-based testing solutions to develop a set of standardized criteria for evaluating online courses. The Trusted Seal will be awarded to online courses that meet a set core of criteria.

Revitalized Fundamental Values of AI!

Updated for our 20th Anniversary to include a new fundamental value...

The Quality of Courage

Courage is indispensable in enacting the fundamental values in the face of pressure to do otherwise.

Members of the advisory council set out to “revise and re-vitalize” the Fundamental Values in hopes not only of extending its usefulness, but also of drawing attention, once again, to the crucial role that integrity and its component values play in education.