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The International Center for Academic Integrity works to identify, promote, and affirm the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers, and administrators. This website contains information about the Center and its activities, with a members area hosting resources and information about ICAI projects and a ListServ for exchanging ideas and information. Become a member today and learn how your academic institution can gain access to all of the online resources provided by ICAI!

24th Annual International Conference

A recap of our February 2016 International Conference and other Affiliate events!

ICAI Regional Consortiums Continue to Grow...

Stay active with ICAI throughout the year with our regional groups!

International Day of Action against Contract Cheating

Join us by speaking up and out against contract cheating on October 19th.

4th National Conference on Academic Integrity

Collaborate on academic integrity, hear from a variety of speakers, etc.--click here!

Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond

The European forum meets in the Czech Republic to share best practices & experiences.

5th World Conference on Research Integrity

The Event will focus on transparency and accountability, to be held in Amsterdam.

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