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Academic Integrity

Faculty Survey

Academic Environment

Please tell us about the academic environment at.


1.  How would you rate:        Very Low Low  Medium High Very High
The severity of penalties for cheating at ?   
The average student's understanding of University policies concerning cheating? 
The faculty's understanding of these policies?   
Student support of these policies? 
Faculty support of these policies? 
The effectiveness of these policies?  


2.  When, if at all, do you discuss with students your policies concerning: (Check all that apply.)

Do not discuss 

On individual assignments In syllabus or course outline At start of semester Other Not Relevant

Permitted and prohibited group work or collaboration
The proper citation or referencing of sources
Proper citation/referencing of Internet sources
Falsifying/fabricating research data 
Falsifying/fabricating lab data


3.  Please note the primary sources from which you have learned about the academic integrity policies at .  (Check all that apply.)

Faculty orientation program. Students.
Faculty handbook. Deans or other administrators.
Department chair. Publicized results of judicial hearings.
Other faculty. University catalog.
Campus website. Other:
I have never really been informed about campus policies concerning student cheating.  


4.  How frequently do you think the following occur at ? Never

Very Seldom

Seldom/ Sometimes Often Very Often
Plagiarism on written assignments.
Students inappropriately sharing work in group assignments.
Cheating during tests or examinations.


5.  How often, if ever, have you seen a student cheat during a test or examination at ?

A few times
Several times
Many times


6. If you were convinced, even after discussion with the student, that a student had cheated on a major test or assignment in your course, what would be your most likely reaction? (Check all that apply.)

Reprimand or warn the student Report student to the Dean of Students
Lower the student's grade Report student to your Chair, Director or Dean
Fail the student on the test assignment Do nothing about the incident
Fail the student for the course Other
Require student to retake test/redo assignment  


7. Have you ever ignored a suspected incident of cheating in one of your courses for any reason?

                                   Yes                         No

     If so, did any of the following factors influence your decision? (Check all that apply.)

Lacked evidence/proof Student is the one who will ultimately suffer
Cheating was trivial/not serious Didn't want to deal with it; system is so bureaucratic
Lack of support from administration Not enough time


8. Have you ever referred a suspected case of cheating to your Chair, a Dean, or anyone else?

                        Yes                                No

    If yes, how satisfied were you with the way the case(s) were handled?

Very Satisfied

Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied Very unsatisfied


   If you answered "unsatisfied" or "very unsatisfied" please explain your response.



Specific Behaviors

Students have different views on what constitutes cheating and what is acceptable behavior.  We would like to ask you some questions about specific behaviors that some students might consider cheating.  Please mark one response for each question.

In the RED column please mark how often, if ever, you have observed or become aware of a student in your class engaging in any of the following behaviors during the last three years.  If a question does not apply to any of your courses, please check the 'Not Relevant' column.  For example, if you do not use tests/exams, you would check 'Not Relevant' for questions related to tests/exams.  In the BLUE column please mark how serious you think each type of behavior is.



More Than Once Not Relevant Not Cheating Trivial Cheating Moderate Cheating Serious Cheating
Fabricating or falsifying a bibliography.
Working on an assignment with others (in person) when the instructor asked for individual work.
Working on an assignment with others (via email or Instant Messaging) when the instructor asked for individual work.
Getting questions or answers from someone who has already taken a test.
In a course requiring computer work, copying another student's program rather than writing your own.
Helping someone else cheat on a test.
Fabricating or falsifying lab data.
Fabricating or falsifying research data.
Copying from another student during a test with his or her knowledge.
Copying from another student during a test or examination without his or her knowledge
Using digital technology (such as text messaging) to get unpermitted help from someone during a test or examination.
Receiving unpermitted help on an assignment.
Copying (by hand or in person) another student's homework.
Copying (using digital means such as Instant Messaging or email) another student's homework.
  Never Once More Than Once Not Relevant Not Cheating Trivial Cheating Moderate Cheating Serious Cheating
Paraphrasing or copying a few sentences from a book, magazine, or journal (not electronic or Web-based) without  footnoting them in a paper you submitted.
Turning in a paper from a "paper mill" (a paper written and previously submitted by another student) and claiming it as your own work.
Paraphrasing or copying a few sentences of material from an electronic source - e.g., the Internet - without footnoting them in a paper you submitted.
Submitting a paper you purchased or obtained from a Web site (such as www.schoolsucks.com) and claimed it as your own work.
Using unpermitted handwritten crib notes (or cheat sheets) during a test or exam.
Using electronic crib notes (stored in PDA, phone, or calculator) to cheat on a test or exam.
Using an electronic/digital device as an unauthorized aid during an exam.
Copying material, almost word for word, from any written source and turning it in as your own work.
Turning in a paper copied, at least in part, from another student's paper, whether or not the student is currently taking the same course.
Using a false or forged excuse to obtain an extension on a due date or delay taking an exam.
Turning in work done by someone else.
Cheating on a test in any other way.
  Never Once More Than Once Not Relevant Not Cheating Trivial Cheating Moderate Cheating Serious Cheating


2. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure Agree Agree Strongly
Cheating is a serious problem at.
Our student judicial process is fair and impartial.
Students should be held responsible for monitoring the academic integrity of other students.
Faculty members are vigilant in discovering and reporting suspected cases of academic dishonesty.
The types of assessment used in my courses are effective at evaluating student understanding of course concepts.
The types of assessment used in my courses are effective at helping my students learn course concepts.


3. What safeguards do you employ to reduce cheating in your courses?  (Check all that apply.)

None. I do not use any special safeguards in my courses.
Use the Internet, or software such as turnitin.com, to detect or confirm plagiarism.
Provide information about cheating/plagiarism on course outline or assignment sheet.
Change exams regularly.
Hand out different versions of an exam.
Discuss my views on the importance of honesty and academic integrity with my students.
Remind students periodically about their obligations under our University's academic integrity policy.
Closely monitor students taking a test/exam.



1.  What is your academic rank?

Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Full Professor
Lab coordinator/instructor


2.  Sex: 



3.  In which of the following areas is your primary teaching responsibility?


4. Are you a full-time or part-time faculty member?



5. Currently, what is your primary teaching responsibility?

Undergraduate students
Graduate students


6. How long have you been teaching at the university level?

Less than 5 years
5-9 years
10-14 years
15-19 years
20 or more years


Final Comments

1.  Do you have any suggestions on how your campus might improve its policies concerning issues of academic integrity or any additional comments you care to make?


2. What role do you think faculty should play in promoting academic integrity and/or controlling cheating in their courses?



  Thank you for participating in this survey!


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