Regional Consortium Toolkit

The ICAI Regional Consortium Toolkit was developed as a way to help institutions stay active and connected to the larger AI community throughout the year. It was made available for the first time during our 20th Anniversary Conference in November 2012. For information or questions regarding the toolkit or starting a regional consortium, please email

Academic Integrity Rating System

The Academic Integrity Rating System (AIRS) is modeled after the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS).

The purpose of AIRS is to:
identify benchmarks for institutionalizing academic integrity in schools, colleges, and universities and reward campuses for their efforts to   curb cheating and empower academic integrity
allow colleges and universities to quickly compare themselves to their peer institutions
publicize for interested stakeholders the efforts of campuses to curb cheating and empower academic integrity
stimulate and provide data for the international conversation on academic integrity

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AI Reader - 20 Years of Top Academic Integrity Research

The AI Reader is a collection and bibliography of the writing and research considered to be the most crucial and fundamental on Academic Integrity over the last 20 years and beyond. Included in the reader are links and citations to books, scholarly journal articles, MA theses, dissertations, websites, and more! In the future, the AI Reader may also include a comprehensive history and narrative of ICAI, and audio interviews with ICAIs founders and early council presidents.


Thank you to councilmember and esteemed partner Tricia Bertram Gallant for spearheading the project and serving as lead author and editor! Special thanks also go out to the Guiding Team: Brad Zakarin, D.B. Christian, Art Wilson, Karen Clifford, Leah Bryant, Patricia Mahaffey, and Christine Killoran! And of course, a most appreciative thank you to the dozens of article reviewers who are listed on the first page of the Reader!

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