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“High-tech spy glasses could catch UAE’s exam cheats in the act” – – rhetoric gone wrong?
Zeenath Khan | January 27, 2020

A recent research study published and then highlighted by local media in the UAE brings about a series of concerns for research, teaching and learning. I often begin my cyber ethics course with a famous yet simple scenario: imagine a three-lane, brand …

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What We Can Learn from Baseball’s Sudden Integrity Crisis
Joseph F. Brown | January 21, 2020

Professional baseball, the nation’s cherished pastime, is- right now, today- in the midst of an integrity crisis. For those of us who work to promote integrity in our classrooms and institutions, the parallels are unmistakable. We can learn a lot by wa …

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Spotlight: University at Buffalo – Can Policy Change Culture?
Kelly Ahuna | January 14, 2020

In August 2019, the University at Buffalo (UB) rolled out new academic integrity policies and procedures for both undergraduate and graduate students. Undertaken in an effort to improve how we handled cases, the larger impetus was to begin a culture ch …

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2020 Conference Preview: “Back to reality: Writing assigments, hyperreality, and the ‘problem of plagiarism’”
Brendan DeCoster | January 7, 2020

Recent advances in cheating detection have made it possible to detect a great many more academic integrity violations in higher education than in past times (see here; here; and here). However, one thing has persistently failed to advance, and that is …

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