Joining the Board of Directors

Support academic integrity by serving ICAI

The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), a U.S. based non-profit organization, is seeking two dedicated directors to join our Board of Directors for a three year term beginning in March, 2020.  The directors of our Board serve as leaders of ICAI, making key decisions, advancing our mission through important projects, managing ICAI finances, and overseeing everything that ICAI does.  The dedication of our Board is absolutely essential to our goals of promoting authentic education and integrity across the world.

ICAI is committed to recruiting a Board that represents all of our members and the students we serve.  We are therefore particularly interested in receiving applications from members from a wide range of positions, personal histories, identities, and geographic representation.

Criteria for Board Membership

New directors will be selected by the current Board after an application process.  Criteria for Board directors include:

  • A passion for authentic education
  • A history of activity as a scholar or practitioner in the field of academic integrity
  • A history of involvement in ICAI
  • A professional path within academia (or equivalent) demonstrating increasing responsibilities
  • Expertise/skills in marketing, communication, management, leadership, finance/accounting or other areas relevant to leading a non-profit organization
  • A history of personal and professional integrity
  • Relevant academic credentials and/or experience
To Apply

To apply, please send a letter of interest and a resume/CV to by December 15th, 2019.  In your letter, please address the criteria below, your areas of interest within academic integrity, ideas for your future contributions as a board member, and your history in the field.

Process Expectations

Board directors are expected to be active in the management and activities of ICAI throughout the year. Management responsibilities are described below, however Board directors are also expected to contribute to the organizational and mission-focused activities of ICAI.  Board directors should commit an average of 5-7 hours per week to ICAI, with the understanding that certain times, like the period leading up to conference, require more attention and others much less. Board tasks are often delegated to committees, so that directors can share the workload. Committee work is considered to be Board work, and is included in the 5-7 hour/week estimate.

Board directors will serve on at least one committee that takes responsibility for key ICAI functions.  Board directors lead the committees, recruit new members, and are accountable for completion of committee tasks.  Examples of committees include content (which is responsible for the blog, webinars, and ICAI publications), communication, membership, assessment, and others.

Board directors are required to attend 8 meetings per year through Google meetings and the annual meeting each March in person.  The board meets prior to the annual conference, on the Wednesday prior to the start of the meeting (this varies).  Members are required to maintain individual or institutional membership in ICAI throughout their term, but there is no expectation or requirement for donations or giving beyond that.

Legal Responsibilities

Board directors are also responsible for oversight and decision making, particularly around strategic and financial activities of ICAI.  In particular, Board directors are asked to:

  • Stay informed about ICAI’s major activities and the developments affecting it.
  • Participate by phone in all, or nearly all, Board and committee conference calls/meetings.
  • Oversee details of how ICAI and its officers comply with ICAI’s mission and purpose.
    • Officers report to the Board.  
  • Make major decisions in a well-informed, prudent manner and free of conflicts of interest.
    • Become fully informed by critically examining relevant information (or summaries thereof) and asking pertinent questions.
    • Receive advice from independent advisors, as needed.
    • Take sufficient time to evaluate the proposed course of action in a deliberate manner.
  • Select competent officers and future replacement Board directors, as necessary.
  • Plan current and future activities; serve in leadership roles and volunteer as necessary.
  • Oversee finances, including revenues and all major expenses, and ensure a sustainable capital structure.  Ensure expenses are only for proper tax exempt purposes.
    • Understand and comply with policy for reimbursement of Board director expenses.
  • Protect entity’s assets against fraud, waste, or misuse.
  • Fundraise and recruit new members: based on each director’s skills and resources.
  • Set the tone at the top to ensure ethical conduct.
  • Serve as representatives of the entity to the public and other constituencies.

The position description outlined in the bylaws is available here:


Board directors commit to:

  • Attend 8 meetings per year through Google meetings and the annual meeting each March in person.
  • Have access to technology that allows them to use Google Suite for communication, including chat, video calls, and email (provided by ICAI).
  • Maintain individual or institutional membership in ICAI throughout their term, but there is no expectation or requirement for donations or giving beyond that.
  • Abide by all ICAI policies (available on the website), both current and those adopted in the future.
  • If selected, provide a letter of support from their institution, if employed, permitting them to undertake these activities. If possible, this support should include financial resources for conference attendance and time to engage in ICAI activities as part of the Board director’s job description. If this support is not available, Board directors must be willing to support their work themselves and indicate so in writing.