Joseph F. Brown

Joseph F. Brown
Joseph F. Brown, Ph.D. is the Director of the Academic Integrity Program at Colorado State University and teaches in the CSU Honors Program. Originally an English professor, his published work has appeared in Extrapolation and the Journal of Popular Culture. When he writes publicly, his ideas are his own and should not be construed to be official communication from his employer.

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Five Things Your Faculty Want You to Know about Promoting and Managing Academic Integrity
Joseph F. Brown | February 22, 2021

As we emerge from a very difficult year for academic integrity, it’s time to take stock and listen to what those involved can share about their experiences. Faculty have been on the front lines, and, on my campus, I’m usually the first person they call …

Journal Issue Spotlight: Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity during Covid-19
Joseph F. Brown | February 15, 2021

The recent issue of Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity, an open-access journal you can find here, focused on perspectives and experiences during Covid-19.  The issue will be helpful to academics and integrity practitioners for many reasons. Fi …

What We Can Learn from Baseball’s Sudden Integrity Crisis
Joseph F. Brown | January 21, 2020

Professional baseball, the nation’s cherished pastime, is- right now, today- in the midst of an integrity crisis. For those of us who work to promote integrity in our classrooms and institutions, the parallels are unmistakable. We can learn a lot by wa …

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