Evangeline Litsa Mourelatos

Evangeline Litsa Mourelatos
Evangeline (Litsa) Mourelatos has been teaching at Deree, The American College of Greece (ACG) for over three decades. Returning to her native Greece from Canada, her strong interest in academic integrity began early in her career, motivated particularly by wanting to understand different cultural attitudes on the subject. She spearheaded a number of initiatives that mobilized the building of an academic integrity culture at her institution. As early members of the ICAI back in the '90s, she helped Deree organize a full Faculty Retreat with Donald McCabe at a time when he was just beginning to build international collaborations and few international colleges were actively exploring the subject. Deree maintained its interest until instrumental leadership culminated in its hosting an ICAI international conference in the Mediterranean (Athens, 2016) – a group picture of which you can still see on the ICAI landing page. Litsa’s more recent efforts have revolved around empowering students and building faculty-student collaborations, particularly around the IDoA.

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The Birth of an Idea: The IDoA and Its Early Growth
Evangeline Litsa Mourelatos | October 20, 2020

The (2010) article The Shadow Scholar by the infernal Ed Dante jolted many academics into awareness of ghostwriting in academia. Soon proclaimed as one of the most widely-read pieces in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s history, the article made it i …

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An International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating Spotlight: Deree – The American College of Greece

All of us involved in education are rightfully alarmed at the contract cheating industry’s growth. In our educational institutions, we hopefully seek out different opportunities to promote academic integrity to our varied stakeholders – particularly ou …

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