Paula Rodriguez

Paula Rodriguez
Paula Rodriguez is the Director of the University Testing Center at Colorado State University. She received her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. Part of her job as the Director is to oversee the management of the CSU Online exams process. She is a member of the proctoring committee at CSU that provides guidance to faculty and students on proctoring best practices and online proctoring tools. She and her team recently received national test center certification for the CSU Testing Center through the NCTA.

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Five Things Your University Testing Director Wants You to Know about Proctoring and Academic Integrity
Paula Rodriguez | April 5, 2021

If we have attended school at some level, we all have taken exams.  Most of my experience with testing had me focusing on the content and the outcome and not the environment.  So what is all of this “hype” about proctoring and academic integrity anyway …