Amy Lin

Amy Lin
Amy Lin is the Director of The Teaching and Learning Centre at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In this role, Amy works with the Seneca community to support leadership and excellence in teaching and learning. Amy chairs the Academic Integrity Committee, the International Education Committee, Micro-credentials Working Group, and Extended Reality Working Group. Amy is often asked to speak on teaching and learning around the province and beyond, and she has been sought as an author on many educational resources for both students and teachers. Amy has worked as a teacher in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels, a coach, a curriculum consultant, a ministry researcher and provincial lead, and an administrator.

Posts by Amy Lin

2020 Conference Preview: “Shift Happens: Engaging college-wide participation in Academic Integrity programming”
Amy Lin | February 10, 2020

Before working in post-secondary education, I taught high school mathematics.  The most impactful change in the culture of that math classroom was the elimination of grades.  With the support of my principal, going gradeless in my classes and focusing …