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Help or Hindrance: The Tense Relationship Between Colleges and Third Party Tutoring Services
Courtney Cullen | August 4, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting transition to online classes, exam integrity and course design has become a hotly debated topic. Many platforms offer training, webinars, and articles to assist faculty, but what has not become eas …

Checking-In with Stressed Faculty
Courtney Cullen | July 27, 2020

As academic integrity practitioners, we often talk about academic integrity and assessment design. We make checklists of things faculty should and should not do to foster honest student work. We talk at them, and insist that faculty take on the additio …

Writing Support for Higher Ed STEM Students- A Tutor’s Perspective
Seabelo John | July 21, 2020

Academic integrity continues to be a problem across all disciplines that require intensive writing and extensive student projects. From my experience tutoring two students in the STEM field, I have witnessed their struggle with academic integrity and o …

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Mahal Miles, Photo credit: Hamza Molvi
Another Student’s Perspective: A response to Issac Parham’s spotlight post
Mahal Miles | July 14, 2020

Mahal Miles, (pictured, photo credit Hamza Molvi ) is a 3rd year economics major at Oregon State University. Mahal offers her perspectives on academic integrity as a follow up to Isaac Parham’s recent post, and provides several research articles as add …

Spotlight- Grand Valley State University’s Academic Integrity Training for Students and Faculty
Anthony Williams | July 6, 2020

Academic Integrity Training for Students and Faculty GVSU’s Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Anthony T. Williams, Jr. Holding students accountable for academic misconduct has been a priority for colleges and universities since the begi …

Refining Academic Integrity Strategies
Ceceilia Parnther | June 30, 2020

It is time to be strategic. As we prepare for next semester, it seems as if there is more to do and less time than ever before.  Managing increasing academic misconduct caseloads with limited budgets and few staff can seem especially daunting. Faculty …

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