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2020 ICAI Southeast Regional Sharing Conference: Integrity in the Time of COVID-19
Ashley Reese | October 5, 2020

Spring 2020 brought many changes to higher education. With the switch to remote learning, not only did faculty have to contend with delivering quality content in the online environment, but monitoring academic integrity changed. Whereas before large le …

8th Academic Integrity Conference: September 24th and 25th
Elmi Salazar | September 21, 2020

Cuando algo se comparte, se multiplica el resultado y cuando lo que se comparte es sobre integridad académica, ganamos todos como comunidad. La Universidad de Monterrey tiene el compromiso de compartir prácticas y experiencias que reconozcan, vivan y p …

ICAI Conference Update
Academic Integrity | March 2, 2020

      With less than one week until we plan to convene in Portland, we are following the latest news regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). At this time, we plan to hold the conference as scheduled, but we will continue to monitor the situati …

2020 Conference Preview: “A Walk in Their Shoes: An Academic Adventure of Choice and Chance”
Drew Smith | February 17, 2020

She opened the door and you could see the fear on her face, and the shame in her eyes. She nervously sat down in front of the seven of us, afraid to look up, her hands trembling, and we began. “Thanks for meeting with us. We are the Academic Conduct Co …

2020 Conference Preview: “Shift Happens: Engaging college-wide participation in Academic Integrity programming”
Amy Lin | February 10, 2020

Before working in post-secondary education, I taught high school mathematics.  The most impactful change in the culture of that math classroom was the elimination of grades.  With the support of my principal, going gradeless in my classes and focusing …

Conference Preview: “Developing Academic Misconduct Procedures”
MATTHEW WYNEKEN | February 3, 2020

This blog post was co-written with Dr. Mary Jo Finney, Professor of Reading and Chair of the Department of Education at the University of Michigan-Flint.  Previously, Dr. Finney served as Dean of the School of Education and Human Services and Director …

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