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ICAI Annual Conference Update
Camilla Roberts | November 12, 2018

The ICAI Annual Conference is less than 120 days away (March 8-10, 2019).  We have extended the early bird registration deadline until Nov. 21, 2018. Register online at Here are few updat …

Are Robots Teaching our Students? Universities Grapple with the Implementation and Ethical Use of Software that Helps Detect Plagiarism
James Orr | November 7, 2018

AUTHORSHIP NOTE: This piece was co-authored by Dr. James Orr and Dr. Jessica Beckett. Dr. Beckett is the Director of the Harvey Knowledge Center at Radford University A twenty-first century education is mediated by technology in countless ways. Student …

We Don’t Have a Cheating Problem
David Rettinger | August 20, 2018

Is there a lot of cheating on our campus?  What’s a lot of cheating, anyway? Do students not know, or not care?  Is the internet making things worse? If you had asked these questions in the 1980’s, you might have received an answer, but it would have b …

Welcome to the New Site!
David Rettinger | April 11, 2018

International Center for Academic Integrity Welcome to our new website. Members, As you can see, we have launched our new website.  While much of the content is still being updated, you will notice that the look is brand new.  Based on a design by our …

Hello world!
admin | December 11, 2017

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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