Tricia Bertram Gallant


Tricia Bertram Gallant, Ph.D., has been devoted to the topic of academic integrity since 2002 as a researcher, leader with the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), Director with an Academic Integrity Office (since 2006), and teacher of ethical decision-making (since 2008). Tricia is perhaps best known for pushing the academic integrity movement from a rule compliance and integrity approach to a teaching and learning approach, as first publicized in her book - Academic Integrity in the Twenty-First Century: A Teaching and Learning Imperative (Wiley’s Jossey-Bass, 2008). However, Tricia has also co-authored Cheating in School: What We Know and What We Can Do (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), edited Creating the Ethical Academy: A Systems Approach to Understanding Misconduct & Empowering Change in Higher Education (Routledge, 2011), served as Section Editor and author for the Handbook of Academic Integrity (Springer, 2016), and authored numerous journal articles and book chapters on the topic.

While researching and writing on the topic of academic integrity, Tricia also created, and now directs, a university’s Academic Integrity Office whose mission is to promote and support a culture of integrity in order to reinforce quality teaching and learning. Together with her staff, Tricia manages the campus academic integrity policy and process (over 6500 cases managed to date); trains student leaders to serve as Peer advisors, educators, and mentors; runs a one-of-a-kind academic integrity proctor pool; teaches ethical decision-making and acting (to over 3000 students and counting); conducts bystander intervention training with faculty, staff and students; and, coaches faculty on how to remake their classrooms to better facilitate integrity and learning.

In her capacity with ICAI, Tricia has served on the leadership team (in its various capacities) as graduate student representative, general membership representative, Advisory Council Chair, Transition Committee Co-Chair, and now as a member of the Board of Directors. During this time, Tricia has been instrumental in the creation of the ICAI regional consortiums, the Academic Integrity Rating Systems (AIRS), the Scorecard for Academic Integrity Development (SAID), the Trusted Seal Program, the Academic Integrity Reader, the Contract Cheating Advocacy Project, the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating, and Integrity Matters: An ICAI Blog.

Tricia uses all of her unique knowledge and experiences to inspire, motivate and equip educational institutions around the world to develop their own academic integrity systems (i.e., offices, policies, processes), build cultures of integrity, and create classrooms in which cheating is the exception and integrity the norm.

Topics covered: Culture of Integrity, Learning, Policy, Process, Teaching