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Georgetown allows each faculty member to describe his/her adherence to the overall academic integrity policy, and the Provost and Honor Council send a letter to all faculty every year, which includes the following statement that tells about the Honor System, general best practices, and encourages the inclusion in all syllabi of the piece in quotation marks/blue text:


The goal of the Honor System is to achieve the highest level of integrity without need to invoke these procedures. To approach that goal, faculty must communicate forthrightly and persuasively to students the importance of academic honesty. Please plan to spend at least a few minutes of your first class meeting enunciating the basic principles you expect to see enacted, and please reinforce this message in your syllabus. A simple statement such as the following would suffice:

“As signatories to the Georgetown University Honor Pledge, and indeed simply as good scholars and citizens, you are required to uphold academic honesty in all aspects of this course. You are expected to be familiar with the letter and spirit of the Standards of Conduct outlined in the Georgetown Honor System and on the Honor Council website. As faculty, I too am obligated to uphold the Honor System, and will report all suspected cases of academic dishonesty.”


Define what you mean clearly, and create and then evaluate assignments in a way that promotes honesty and discourages unacceptable practices. You should make it clear when and how students may, and how they may not, collaborate on assignments and indicate clearly preferred styles of documentation and citation (for both printed and electronic sources).

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