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The University of Virginia provides faculty with the following examples, based on the statements of long-time faculty members. Faculty may also craft their own syllabus statement:


*Honor System: I trust every student in this course to fully comply with all of the provisions of the UVA honor system. In addition to pledging that you have neither received nor given aid while taking your exam, your signature also affirms that you have not accessed any notes, study outlines, problem sets, old exams, answer keys, or the textbook while taking an exam and that you have not obtained any answers from another students exam. All alleged honor violations brought to my attention will be forwarded to the Honor Committee. If, in my judgment, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that a student has committed an honor violation with regard to a given exam, that student will receive an immediate grade of ‘F’ for that exam, irrespective of any subsequent action taken by the Honor Committee.


*Because of the Honor System at Mr. Jefferson’s University, I assume students in this class will be truthful in their dealings with me and their teaching assistants and will not cheat on their tests and exams. In the unlikely event that one of you observes an incidence of cheating, I assume you will contact an Honor Advisor. The Honor System is one of the University’s most valuable assets, making it distinct from most other colleges and universities. I admire the principle of student self-governance upon which the Honor System rests.


*Honor System: I take the honor code seriously. This means that I expect proper test taking procedures (including strict adherence to time limits) and foryou to report all violations about which you are aware. Consequently, you are required to sign the pledge – verbatim – on all examinations. This means that you must memorize the honor pledge. It will expect you to know the pledge thereafter to receive credit on your exam. Failure to pledge your exam properly will result in a score of zero on any graded activity. The Honor Pledge is: ‘On my honor as a student, I have neither given nor received aid on this exam.


*Lab Pledge: You are required to write and sign the following honor statement on every paper you turn in for lab: On my honor as a student, this is my own original work. I did not read or use work written by a current or former student in this course. Help was limited only to having students not enrolled in this course read and identify unclear sections.

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