November 2017 Transition Update

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We are pleased to inform you that we are in the final stages of our transition. Over the next few months, we will be working to establish and finalize ICAI as a non-profit organization. Although we had multiple applications from potential hosts, it became apparent throughout the process that the best structure was to form an independent non-profit organization, as ICAI had been in the past.  This is consistent with other academic professional associations.  This will also give ICAI maximum flexibility, allow us to be nimble in the future, and provide members with more tools, information, and optimal transparency.  These were principles that we heard over and again, were important for members, and a non-profit structure is the best way to bring all of these to fruition. We anticipate being able to announce the process for choosing a Board of Directors, as well as officially announcing  at or before the conference,  the actual  Board of Directors and Officers.

The Transition Committee cannot thank you enough for your patience and support of ICAI during this process. ICAI is a critical driving force in the international integrity movement and we look forward to strengthening this force over the next few years with the help of you, our members.

As a reminder, our 2018 Conference has been scheduled for March 2-4 in Richmond Virginia and ICAI members receive reduced conference registration rates.  So, on that note, we would like to invite you to renew your membership at this time. To renew, simply go to, click Membership, click Renew Membership, login with your email and the password *integrity matters* (no asterisk but with the space). The form should fill in with your existing member information. If you have any problems logging in or having the form populated, email to indicate that you would like to renew your membership

The Transition Committee hopes you are as excited as we are to move forward into this next phase of ICAI’s work to support the building of cultures of integrity in educational institutions around the world. We anticipate great things in the years ahead and cannot wait to engage in this effort with all of you. So, at the Richmond conference we will be holding a facilitated all-membership session to gather your thoughts, opinions and ideas on the next phase of ICAI so we can chart our future as a community. We trust that you have “saved-the-date” for this conference and are planning to attend.

Stay tuned in short order for conference hotel reservation information and the Call for Proposals, along with other exciting new additions to our annual conference!  We are so looking forward to connecting with you in person and hearing all about your work, research and new practices!

As always, we are available to the membership at any time. You can reach Chris at and Tricia at


Chris Lang & Tricia Bertram Gallant, Transition Committee Co-Chairs &

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